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Solar energy solutions


Tasol is a renewable energies company with a national franchised footprint, and warehouses in Johanneburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Solar Academy of Sub Saharan Africa is the sole distributor of the Tasol brand. Tasol focuses on two main solar power categories: Thermal systems(Solar water heating) and Photovoltaic systems. Specialising in Solar water heating systems such as solar geysers, retrofit geysers, heat pumps and hybrid systems, we at Tasol supply affordable, accessible and energy efficient solutions. We strive to encourage electrical savings on a long term basis, to increase employment opportunities and uplift local communities in SA, as well as contributing to the reduction of green house gas emissions. Tasol brings you innovative, new technology that is SABS tested and approved. Tasol is a member of the ESKOM DSM solar water heating programme and a registered Corporate member of SESSA.


At Tasol we believe that the renewable energy market has the potential to leverage electrical savings on a long term basis, to increase employment opportunities, and consequently to assist in the reduction of green house gas emissions.


To supply affordable and accessible solar energy solutions to the broader South African market. The development of new Thermal and Photovoltaic products and systems, to this end a close working relationship with the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in Port Elizabeth has been formed to:

  • Develop renewable energy training programs
  • Continuous and ongoing research and development
  • To encourage public awareness and knowledge regarding renewable energy and preservation of the environment.

Company History

Established in 2003 as a division of Rand Transmission Company(PTY) Ltd. In 2007 a dedicated renewable energies company was registered as Solar Academy of Sub Saharan Africa (PTY) Ltd.

In 2007, Tasol signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth. We installed eleven solar water heating systems at a post graduate village at the NMMU. These systems were independently monitored.

In 2008 an extension to the renewable energy Test Centre was built by Tasol on the premises of the NMMU. The centre focuses on product testing and development as well as the establishment of training programs within the renewable energy sector.
Tasol is a trusted brand internationally with partners in Germany (Tagex), France, Spain and the UK.
Tasol has the biggest installed base of Solar water heating systems in South Africa.

Tasol was the first to obtain SABS approval on the Evacuated Tube technology for Solar systems, as well as the first company that got a Retrofit solar system tested and approved by SABS and on the ESKOM DSM solar water heating rebate program.

Projects and Tenders awarded:
Solar Academy of Sub Saharan Africa (Pty) Ltd has to date been awarded the following projects:

  1. Ekurhuleni Municipality contract - Low Pressure and High Pressure systems
  2. Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality – Low Pressure systems
  3. City of Johannesburg – Low Pressure systems at Cosmo City
  4. Cape Winelands Municipality – Low Pressure systems
  5. Hesequa Municipality – High Pressure systems
  6. Accredited for the CEF roll out - High Pressure systems
  7. Free State RDP housing project – Low Pressure systems

Note: It is a Tasol principle to train people from within the local communities to participate in the projects where possible.

of installing the Tasol range of solar geyser systems:

  • An existing geyser can be upgraded to a solar system, using our uniquely patented Retrofit Flange
    (terms & conditions apply)
  • Low maintenance required on our solar energy collector
  • High efficiency vacuum tube technology
  • The cylindrical shape of the tubes face the sun most of the day
  • No water introduced in the collector tubes
  • Tubes can be replaced individually and cost effectively, without compromising
    the entire collector
  • SABS approved solar water heating systems
  • Aesthetic value of the installation
  • Accredited supplier on the Eskom DSM Solar Water Heating Rebate programme
  • Direct Freeze Resistant system- Low maintenance (no glycol replacements)
  • National franchised footprint, with main warehouses in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and
    Cape Town, and several satellite warehouses throughout SA.
  • Large installed base in excess of 9000 units
  • Tested efficiency, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint, and use less electricity,
    resulting in saving you money on heating your water.
  • Ongoing product development initiatives